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Norsk Radiofabrikk Activities

Quadrophonic Vinyl Release!

It’s not every day a Vinyl LP is issued that produces up to 7 channels of pristine audio. So it is with great pride we announce that the material is now sent for production at RPM Records in Copenhagen, and we have set the release date for June 1st. 2021.

The release is by Vonrik Haug and Arnt Siwertsen and bearing the title “Sky Etudes”. Behind the Haug/Siwertsen monikers we fint Grieg Academy musician Craig Wells and producer Paal Rasmussen. 
The project started as an experiment to see if found sounds – from performers, field recordings and electronic automata could be combined into a piece of experimental music that transcended the normal boundaries of popular music production while at the same time having a broader appeal than niche recordings.

The production focuses on found sounds, and asks the question “How does the human mind find beauty? And what is the relationship between found items of beauty and crafted objects? Can humans really create beauty, and what constitutes the quality of “beautiful” beyond the constraints imposed by tradition? The authors of this work have found that in the relationship between the inquisitive mind and its surroundings, beauty is more of a found thing than an item crafted from the ego out of “inspiration” – thus they view themselves as “curators of nature” in the “Sky Etudes” production.

The production started in the spring of 2020, and finished in early 2021, and was recorded at several venues, notably at BEK, Quay 7 studios at Laksevåg, and in Sandven Hotel in Nordheimsund. The field recordings are from around the world, and documents the globe trotting of the authors. Expanding their experiments with found sounds, they enlisted Omar Johansen (modular synth), Linn Merethe Myrtveit (vocals) and Jonas Flemsæter Hamre (sax) to extend their concept of “the found” to actual human physical performances.

Technical aspects
This vinyl release is a Quadrophonic Matrix Encoded recording, that contains up to 9 channels of spatialised audio information. It can be played on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 9 speakers using either normal amplifiers and speakers, or Sourround Sound receivers that have decoders built in, like Dolby ProLogic, Lexicon Logic 7, Sansui QS Matrix, or others compatible with the Regular Matrix encoding scheme.
The mixing and mastering was done on a Lexicon MC-12 surround processor, and checked for Dolby ProLogic II compatability. The spatialisation was done to produce the desired effect for the listener using a minimum of 4 speakers – two in front and two to the sides of the listener.  Best effect will be obtained by using  L, C, R, Side L, Side R, Rear L and Rear R speakers or more. A subwoofer is not recommended – all four main speakers, L, R Side L and Side R should cover the full frequency spectrum for best results. There is much realism to be gained by having a quad bass system. The necessary bass management has been taken care of at the mastering stage.

About the Authors 
Craig Wells is a sound artist and composer based in Bergen Norway. His practice focuses on synthesis, sound diffusion, electroacoustic composition and field recording. His research interests oscillate around materialism and phenomenology with particular emphasis placed upon listening and sonic encounter.

Paal Rasmussen is an audio engineer and producer also based in Bergen. He runs the experimental sound studio “Quay 7”. His background includes being there as Ambisonics was proposed, and experimented with enveloping audio since the 1960’s. 

Main project in 2020 –
 Loudspeaker development for LYDGALLERIET in Bergen

An exiting project where we turn a galley space into a sound-space using cheap, off-the-shelf drive units in a surround configuration for 20-20.000 Hz @ 110 dB reproduction

Latest News

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A few things I’m good at

I’m sorry, but this is an “I” statement. I’m not really comfortable putting myself out there like this. I’ve lived my life for good and bad, and knocks and bruises, celebrations and laughter. So this is just a list of some things that I enjoy doing. 


Some say you’ve got to start early. And in this field, I really did. My mother worked in a photo agency, and so cameras were a part of my childhood. I’ve worked as a commercial photographer in media and advertising, as well as co-authored a book on film development.

Music/Music production

My father loved music. Not being able to play an instrument, I started building amplifiers and speakers in 7th grade, and progressed to a career in audio engineering.
Later, I ran a commercial recording studio and this led to producing and finally to creating my own music.


Our ears are a primary source of emotional information. Our soundscapes shapes our experiences in subtle, yet improtant ways. Building and rooms set boundaries for our senses. This field is universally neglected. 

Audio Equipment

I was the child that took my grandad’s watch appart. Later, kids used to bring me old radios to transform into guitar amps. Then I got to design speakers drive units and systems professionaly, as well as audio amplifiers and speaker cables.
Mor about this in the Norsk Radiofabrikk blog.

Management Consulting

I’ve had the fortune to work with some very talented people helping businesses make tough decisions of strategic importance.


I read Freud at an early age, then Jung, then philosophy, and knew I had to understand how we work. That didn’t happen, but I became a licensed psychologist and Jungian therapist.
Not being content with the inner workings of the mind, I turned to social psychology to explore the social determinants of behaviour, and lastly to forensic psychology to see how things ultimately plays out.

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We’re all formed by our esthetic choices.
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