Vonrik Haug & Arnt Sivertsen

“Sky Etudes”

Quadrophonic Vinyl + streaming 

The first vinyl record in 30 years to be released and produced in Europe in a quadraphonic format.

The record is a result of a collaboration between perceptual psychologist Paal Rasmussen and Doctor of Music Craig Wells.

The record meanders through a dense tapestry of field recordings, ambiances, modular synthesis and jazz tinged futurisms. The double album opens novel listening adventures that are accessible to the ear and the compositional milieu works through a diverse spatial syntax that is detailed and mobile and rich in proximities.

We have printed a limited batch of 250 vinyls using a Regular Matrix encoded pressing that's playable on all normal Stereo systems, but yields up to 7 channels of surround sound on receivers equipped with a suitable decoder, including Dolby Atmos and Pro Logic II, Lexicon Logic7, Sansui QS, etc.

Supported by The Arts Council of Norway

Støttet av Kulturrådet

Vonrik Haug 

Vonrik is once again in the limelight, this time with a tableau of sonic tapestries that documents his adventures on the border of the Scottish Highlands. 

Emotionally captivating, and full of movement, the recording is Haug presenting a more rounded, almost cinematic sound stage, haunting and evolving, yet concrete and easy to grasp.

Vonrik is a prolific artist practicing at various locations across Europe. He is educated in Scotland and Norway where he was awarded a PhD in Music from the Grieg Academy. 

Fond of walks in the countryside as well as in a  bustling metropolis, he is a sociable character that enjoys a nice chat along the way. 

Modular synths captured his interest from an early age, but he’s also an accomplished jazz guitar player that “knows all the chords.”

10/2022  Vonrik Haug - "Border Town and Time Scales"

07/2022  EMS Stockholm Residency 

07/2022  Sonic Fiction (etchings of the lobe; book publication)

06/2022  Balkan Field Trip (recording "ELDON" )

05/2022  ORK festival - modular set with multi-channel 

11/2021  Bergen Lydgalleriet (The Wind Cannot Hear Me) installation 

10/2021  VR sound design installation with Natalie Maximova 

                      @ Espace Arlaud, Lausanne, Switzerland

09/2021  Vonrik Haug  "Pins and Spheres "  Double Vinyl Release NRF

09/2021  Lux Passerine- Album Release (NRF)

09/2021  Surnidal Billag (Sound art Residency with Jeremy Welsh)

08/2021  Emergent Ears Book publication  on KMD press

07/2021  Etchings of Coastal sites (collaborative installation @ wrap gallery)

07/2021  VR sound design installation @ Ecal/ecole cantonale d'art de Laussanne 

with Natalie Maximova (title - There is no  Spoon)

03/2021  Glydenpris Kunsthall, Quartet performance /Stephan Meidell & Co

03/2021  Arnt Siwertsen / Vonrik Haug double LP in quadraphonic (Sky Etudes) NRF

01/2020  Lux Passerine performance Gyldenpris kunsthall 

01/2020  Publication chapter  (In a Quiet Forest, I Feel Disquiet)

11/2020  Lydgalleriet (Numinous Beginnings)  (Arnt Siwertsen / Vonrik Haug) 

11/2020  Vonrik Haug - Piksel Festival  with (Dime ensemble Nante)

11/2020  Sound design for "Are You ready" project with Frans Jacobi and Gitte Sætre

11/2020  Gyldenpris kunsthall  1:1  (Lux Passerine Performance/sound installation)

His latest record is released on most streaming platforms.

Renate fra Vigra

“Renate was first brought to my attention by the label’s A&R manager, Craig Wells who was intrigued by her impromptu performance at a late night party. 

We got her in the studio and were pretty taken aback by the depth of her emotional engagement in her lyrics. 

There were many references to ex-es but those got toned down a bit during production. Also, we had to deal with a break-up between her and our drummer, which resulted in some of the songs being re-arranged and recorded without drums! There is an explanation for everything! 

Some of the guest performers are shown on the right, but many more deserves special mention for doing their bit to create a listenable album!”

Paal Rasmussen - producer NRF Records

“Renate fra Vigra is an artist, writer and composer from rural Norway. She always wanted to be a musician, but as Girgio by Moroder says in the fabulous Daft Punk track — it was almost impossible, because the dream was too big. But after two years where she dealt with covid, breast-cancer and an unstable relationship, she realized she always was one. A musician, that is. She has always used music as a tool to gain balance in the hectic everyday life, and now this balancing act has resulted in her first album. 

During the lock-down in 2020, she had to be extra careful of the new circumstances due to the chemo-therapy, and so she spent endless hours watching TV. Little did she know, this would set her on a path to re-connect with the love of country/indie/folk-music — and her first love; the guitar she inherited from her father at the age of 12. 

Renate fra Vigra studied art for eight years, and took her master’s degree in Fine Art at the Institute for Contemporary Art at the University of Bergen. This is where she met Doctor of Music Craig Wells, who after a very successful late-night-drunken-kitchen-jam put her in contact with producer Paul Rasmussen at NRF Records.

And the rest, as they say, is her-story.”

Renate fra Vigra about the production

Renate Synnes Handal, Callum Hay Jennings, Garry Peters, Geir Svensson Jostein Odland and many more distinguished artists contributed on her debut album

Augustin Maurs “Nothing More”

Bergen Assembly 2022 har graciously allowed NRF to record and publish the performance of composer Augustin Maurs piece «Nothing More» performed at the Domkirke church in Bergen on the 9th of September, 2022. 

The project is now in the editing stage, undertaken in close collaboration with Augustin Maurs.

The recording features the Rieger organ, a fairly recent and balanced instrument well suited to the acoustics offered by the medieval church. The vocal parts are performed by the Volve Vokal choir - an all female choir started by Gro Espedal in 2006.

The tech geeky stuff: The recording was made with a main «double MS» microphone, supplemented by two ORTF spot mics for the choir and the organ, as well as a AB pair for enhanced ambience and for accurately capturing the organ bottom end.
Audio was recorded by Paal Rasmussen, and video was recorded by Maria Helena.

Timescale? - That depends. An artistic performance like this needs to be processed with finesse - the recording is supposed to be a continuation of the piece, not just a mechanical reproduction. So editing and massaging of the material is paramount. And that takes time!

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